Increase Your Book Revenue with The Perfect Sales Page

The Perfect Book Sales Page

If you want people to buy your book(s) from your website’s sales page, you’ll want your website to work properly and do these three things:

  1. Get readers to sign up for your newsletter so you can continue to build relationships with them. So you can market other books, products, programs, and services to them. Keep the design simple and only have that ONE focus on the webpage (no other links to other CTA’s)
  2. Make it easy for them to see all your books; avoid a cluttered or messy design.
  3. Make it easy for readers to get in touch with you if they have a problem or want more information. If your website doesn’t do these three things, you’re leaving money on the table. Luckily, they are all easy to fix and if you need help, hire a good web person.

Author Website

Your author’s website is helpful if you have several books around a theme or mission, and let’s be honest, you should. It’s useful if you bring new traffic by writing-related content somehow connected to the theme or subjects of your book. But if it’s just a landing page meant to sell a book, you don’t need a blog. In fact, an empty blog with no content may be even worse for sales.

Most importantly, your website will only do something if you promote it (people won’t naturally find your website if it doesn’t have a lot of rich content – but you can direct them to it). If the only aim of your website is to sell the book or maybe get an email option for a free giveaway (which long-term will be better for you), you may only need a “landing page.” 

Landing Page

A landing page is usually a one-page sales letter. There aren’t any distractions; just a very well-written. Psychologically powerful organization of details, reviews, and pictures to “close the sale.” They work, and they work well.

Do you have an author’s site? Or a book section on your main website? (If you need any recommendations, email me, and I can give you some resources.)

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