Author Websites Are Essential

Author Websites Are Essential To Your Success And Here’s Why.

  1. You need a place to communicate with your readers. Readers already like your writing and your ideas. After all, they googled you; looked up your website after finishing your book. Your readers sought you out, and now they want to know more! They want to know about you, your newest projects, potential sales, writing process, hobbies, and even your favorite dessert! Build a lasting community on your website will help you promote new work coming out, all using this connection.
  2. You own your website. Social media is great but ultimately controlled by other corporations. They get to say what you can and can’t post while controlling your data. Your website works for you and only you. Your business and artistic priorities are at the forefront, not someone else’s.
  3. A website makes you money. There are many great reasons to have a website that is all about your readers. First, it develops your community and your craft, but the MAIN REASON is that websites are revenue engines. The pandemic has shown this to be more important than ever. As other sources of author income dried up, leaving many grasping for solid ground. Every single part of a website builds your bottom line. From collecting email addresses to building your email list – one of your most powerful sales tools. Sell your book directly with no middle-man involved. In conclusion, a website is one of the most significant returns on investment an author can make because it is packed with revenue potential making it absolutely essential.

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