Pain Points for First Time Authors

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Self-Publishing Pain Points for First-time Authors 

  1. A lot of time and effort learning how to self-publish. 
  2. Unprofessional products will be poorly received. 
  3. It takes a lot of time to carry out each publishing phase without a professional team’s guidance and knowledge. 
  4. It is expensive to hire professionals that can help. 

Traditional Publishing Pain Points for First-time Authors  

  1. It is challenging to acquire a deal (finding an agent, writing a proposal, shopping the proposal, waiting for an offer, facing possible rejection).
  2. A significant time investment.
  3. You are sharing your ownership rights.
  4. Book marketing will be up to them, leading to edits and content changes you may disagree with.
  5. Creativity and content will be under review, and you may lose control of your original vision.
  6. Low royalty percentages because there are more hands involved and small advancements until you prove worthy.

The Advantages of Self-Publishing with Print on Demand:

  1. It can reach niche markets. Most publishing companies will reject a book without a large mainstream audience. 
  2. Higher profit percentage than traditional publishing will offer.
  3. You maintain your work’s exclusive rights.
  4. Total creative control throughout the entire process.
  5. Get a book to market faster. 
  6. Help authors that generally do not produce a lot of revenue, such as poetry. (I.e., A poet who was successful through self-publishing is Walt Whitman.
  7. Influencers and gurus who already have a following for reasons beyond writing will thrive with self-publishing.

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Rich results on Google’s SERP when searching for 'Self Publisher' 'Self Publishing' 'Print-on-Demand Book Printing’ 'Presto Page'
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