Marketing Yourself as an Author

Marketing yourself as an author from the point of view of a book marketer.

Nobody in book marketing cares what your book is about. Nobody cares how well written it is. And lastly, nobody cares what you did in the past decade. As a book marketer, what is cared about, is whether you have a personality or public persona to sell the book.

It is all about perceptions and personalities, style over substance when it comes to publicity and marketing yourself as an author.

This doesn’t mean you have to become a circus act, nor does it mean you need to be crude or insulting or be an attention magnet. Truthfully, though, it doesn’t hurt. What is being said is every author needs to find their voice and public persona.

Moreover, being reserved, shy, quiet, or ordinary won’t do in the marketplace full of personality-driven media and book sales. It would help if you sold yourself in a way that gets attention. 

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Take a realistic look at yourself and evaluate how you come off to others. From what perspective does someone see you? Do they know your looks, voice, or mannerisms? Is it the way you get the point across or tell your story? Do they view you as an expert in your field or something else? Do they focus on physical traits? Some things can be addressed, adjusted, or improved upon – and some things are exactly how they are. In reality, no one should ever have to apologize for who they are. But be aware, you will be judged, thrown in a box, and labeled in two seconds. 

Focus on the following:

1. Evaluate how you are seen.

2. Determine how you’d like to be seen. 

3. Look and sound the way people want to absorb you.  

No, this doesn’t mean you should be someone you are not. Does it mean you should get a style makeover, change hairstyles, and make some physical adjustments? Of course, it does.

Nothing is stopping you from smiling, being empathetic, and sounding knowledgeable on your subject matter, correct?  

Think about your persona as you present your book, area of expertise, or viewpoints. Perhaps, you are dominated by certain traits, such as good humor, storyteller, information-sharer, etc. Maybe you come off as a particular type – the caring mom, the old sage guy, the activist, the determined immigrant, the successful entrepreneur, the victim, and so on. There are many types are out there – which one do you prefer to project? Jokester? Advisor? Resource sharer? Storyteller? Pick a persona and BE that person. Of course, you are who you are at the heart of it, but we all need to show a resume that seems palatable to those we seek to impress. As an author and your book, marketing yourself is comparable to posting a dating profile – control your selfie and pick your best angle!

Lastly, figure out not just who you are at your core, but how you want it to be seen – and then go full force into that direction. When you are ready for Book Marketing, reach out to us and we will assign someone to you that best fits your needs. When it’s time for your book printing needs, click here for instant pricing.

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