What Makes a Good Book Cover?

What Makes a Good Book Cover?

We’ve all judged a book by its cover. You go into that bookstore, and there’s something about it that grabs your attention. The colors, font, and art all work together to tell you that this book is one you need to pick up. 

While traditionally published authors don’t get to do this on their own, anyone planning on self-publishing or working with a hybrid/publishing partnership, like Presto Page, will get to have the fun of finding the cover that’s just right for their book. 

When a million books are getting published every year, finding something that stands out is necessary. 

It’s an art more than a science, but here are some essential tips to get you started. 

A Good Book Design Will:

  • Grabs You. There needs to be something eye-catching about your book cover. Whether it’s the color, texture, font, etc., even something minimalist in a sea of busy covers can significantly impact sales.
  • Be Readable. This means you can read the title and tell what the image is when it’s on a shelf 50 feet away or as a thumbnail picture on Amazon. Remember that many readers will see your book cover digitally, so pay special attention to how it looks on screens. 
  • Genre Specific. Yes, your book should stand out but not too much. If what you’ve written is a romance book, then it should look like a romance book. If what you’ve written is a mystery book, then it should look like a mystery book.
  • Importance of a Tease. With the design, a good book cover communicates something about the action inside. This doesn’t mean you should illustrate a scene from the book or spell anything out. It’s about giving your readers a hint. 
  • Main Focus. Book covers exist to sell your book. They are not illustrations of your text, nor are they showing the story inside. They give hints of the action, but they are their own story, in a way: the story of why this book is suitable for the reader. 

Now, suppose all this sounds intimidating or a little too artsy for you. In that case, that’s okay because my biggest advice to any author when it comes to cover design is to use a professional cover designer. Or you can simply check a box in our checkout and work with an exceptional book cover designer at Presto Page. We will help you get your book looking exactly how you want, to compete in your market. 

How to order Book Cover Design on prestopage.com

Once you have a book cover designer you like, you’ll be able to begin your marketing – yes, this early! – and you can begin the production side of your book. To get started on your Hardcover or Softcover books, click here.

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