Q: If I have a self-published novel on Amazon and it hasn’t been successful, should I submit it to an agent instead?

A: You can try. But a second fail is not the answer to this situation. Novels that made it into the top 100 on Amazon don’t get attention from agents these days. So why would they look at a proven failure?

You’re asking the WRONG question.

Why wasn’t your novel successful on Amazon?

  • Cover not in the genre?
  • Cover badly designed?
  • Blurb putting people off?
  • Sample with too many ‘bounce you out’ problems?
  • Book is in the wrong categories?
  • You didn’t use the right keywords?
  • No launch strategy?
  • No marketing?

Or any of the other myriads of things probably wrong with your novel, and you haven’t found them yet.

What you need to do now is figure out what is stopping the book from selling, and to do that, you need experienced authors to take a look at it and give you their blunt opinions without you getting upset about them.

Most books can be redeemed. But egos prevent that.

A lot of it depends on how good it is. Not just the story — the writing, the grammar, the cover, the interior formatting, all that. Readers will forgive a lot if the story is stellar, but most self-published novels are not. But let’s assume the story is competently told. You’re sticking to one genre or writing in an established cross-genre niche. You know your audience. The grammar and writing are decent.

The sad fact is, most novels on Amazon, which fail, were released way too soon and have multiple issues preventing them from selling. The time to identify and fix the problems is before you launch. If you want experienced book marketing agents to review your book and marketing strategy, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, called Self-Publishing Needs Beyond the Book Printing.

But the wonderful thing about being Indie is we can change anything anytime we want. All you need to do is find what needs changing.

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