How to Publish a Book with Presto Page: A Brief Rundown

Publish a Book



You’ve poured your heart and soul into your story, and now it’s time to take that story and publish a book. Sharing your work with a world of eager, like-minded readers is the goal of any author, and as you embark on this adventure, we’re here to guide you toward self-publishing success, simplifying the process with this easy-to-follow guide.

Formatting Your Manuscript and Cover

The process begins with proper book formatting. A well-structured manuscript ensures a smooth printing process, preventing costly errors down the line. You’ll consider factors like single or double spacing, font size, typeface, cover bleeds, and the positioning of design elements.

At Presto Page, we’ve got your back. We offer user-friendly templates for a seamless experience. Dive into our detailed explanations about the hows and whys of the printing process. And when you need that captivating book cover, you have options. Check “Custom Designed Cover” to collaborate with our talented team, or select from our collection of book cover templates and bring your ideas to life.

ISBN Number

To sell your book through retail stores or online platforms, you’ll need an ISBN number for each version of your book. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is essential for publishing and distribution through booksellers. It’s a global identifier for your book, and most retailers require a unique ISBN. Learn more about ISBNs and their significance as you journey further into the world of publishing.

Ordering Your Books

Now, it’s time to bring your masterpiece to life. Use our online calculators to determine your order and pricing details. Select your preferred binding style, and customize your book with choices like quantity, paper stock, cover finish, and decorative embellishments. Enter your shipping information and payment details, and leave the rest to us!

Unsure which binding style suits your project? Choose perfect bound for paperback books and graphic novels, saddle-stitched for magazines and comic books, plastic coil for cookbooks, and twin loop for manuals and instructional books.

Remember: you wrote it, you own it, you can sell it, and you retain 100% of the profits. Self-publishing has never been this accessible or rewarding. Your journey to self-publishing success starts here.

Embrace the adventure. Contact us and watch your words come to life.

Happy self-publishing!

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