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Presto Page uses a CMYK digital printing process, which means our presses can produce wide range of hues using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. We will reproduce color from submitted, print-ready files as closely as possible, but even under the best circumstances, an exact color match is not possible. As a result, Pantone color matching is currently not an option. If you specify a spot color in a document, however, we will match that color as closely as possible using the CMYK process. Please keep in mind that the result may not perfectly match your specified spot color. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable limitation of digital printing.

Please note: Many bright or dense colors cannot be matched with a high degree of accuracy. In these cases, we will substitute the closest CMYK color.

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Pantone is the most commonly used color reproduction system, wherein each color is described by an allocated number. For example, if you were to choose Pantone 286 C for an artwork element, you will end up with a very specific shade of deep blue that will appear the same across all formats and industries. These specific hues are easily referenced in Pantone color guides, which is what makes them so valuable and versatile.


What are spot colors?

A spot color is a solid color generated with a non-standard mixture of ink. Originally intended for lithographic printing, spot coloring is often used to print specific, specialty hues — each of which requires its own lithographic plate. Consequently, each of these colors must be handled individually during the printing process.

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As you might imagine, using spot colors can be expensive. For this reason, most modern printing is done using combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink on a four-color press. These four colors, in combination, produce most of the hues you see in print today.

But can’t those colors, with their near-infinite combinations, reproduce any particular spot color? In many cases, yes, they can. Certain spot colors, on the other hand, have special qualities that cannot be reproduced using a CMYK process. These include, but are not limited to, very bright or fluorescent hues, metallic colors, and extremely dense hues.

Process Color

Spot Color Matching

Presto Page does not offer spot color printing except by special arrangement. (Click here for an estimate.) However, if you specify a spot color in your document, we will reproduce that color as closely as possible using CMYK. Although these matches are generally accurate, they may not be perfect substitutes for the original spot color.

If your job is highly color-critical, we recommend ordering a hard proof to see exactly how your colors will translate to print

For further questions, please contact us at 616.247.0060 or fill out our contact form.

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